Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fathers and Daughters and Mothers and Sons

Brad took the camera on the Fathers and Daughters annual campout last weekend.

I am so happy these two have each other. 

They ate junk food and chili, played night games and stayed up late.  And they had a great time.

As for me and the boys?  The three of us ate dinner with the missionaries then had our first experience with miniature golf:  Ben--79.  Mom--75.  Micah--111.  Hyrum--146.  It was a long game, dotted with lost balls (three of the four were lost by the eighteenth hole) and ducking Micah's crazy shots.

We finished off the game with snow cones where talk devolved to Ben's mostly hairless arms. Micah compared them to a girl's arms, because "girls aren't that hairy, ya know."  To which Ben retorted, "That's what they want to lead you to believe, anyway."

Where does he come up with these things? 


  1. Those first two pictures are awesome! And, I know you are joking with Hyrum's 146 score!

  2. How sad that Ben has us figured out already :)

  3. It's great that your ward does a daddy-daughter campout. Ours just had the dances, but my daughter would have loved camping out with her dad sans the boys.


  4. Hahaha - I love Ben! He has it all figured out. I'm with Sue - our ward doesn't do the camping thing, but I think most girls would just love it. How great that you have 3 girls. I'd love to have had a sister.