Friday, May 4, 2012

Foto Friday--Rain

 Ever since I was a little girl I've loved the rain--the smells, the feelings, and especially the sounds.
In Arizona, we get so few storms like this one that passed through last week.  Evie and I enjoyed every second we could.

See you Monday.


  1. I wish I could send you a container of some of what we've been having up here - it's the sort of Pacific northwest mist that doesn't really get you wet (wreaks havoc with hair!) and makes the air shimmer with a special sort of light.
    I love the delight on Evie's face!

  2. When I lived in Phx. I used to crave rain so very much. One year, I wrote in my journal the two times we even got a few drosp--once was on Easter morning and the next time was a day in December. And that was it for the whole entire year.
    Enjoy that rain!!

  3. That second shot is perfect!!!

    I too love a rainy day!!

  4. we will soon see a few rain drops ourselves in the next months

    adorable foto!

  5. I like rain, too, within reason.

    We haven't had our usual supply this year.


    PS. Such a cute pic of Evie!

  6. Me too! I love a rain day! love it! We have had storms the past week - one was a little too intense - a tornado warning - but a nice "calm" storm , I love! Light some candles & relax!
    Hope you had a pretty weekend!