Friday, June 29, 2012

Just today

Hyrum fell into a patch of poison ivy right at the moment I discovered we has no water.

Evie discovered floor vents (this may seem weird to you non-Arizona people, but our vents are all in the ceiling) by pouring the last two swallows of her milk down it.

Lily enjoyed her idyllic morning reading and swinging under a huge tree until her hair tangled around the rope and a stranger took seven minutes to extricate her.

Micah punished us with intestinal troubles and would wait until someone smelled something to say, "just seeing if you'd notice."

I gave the kids a stern talking-to that began with "There's only one boss around here and who's that?" to which Hyrum replied "Lily.". While we all laughed hysterically and then explained what I said, he then replied, "oh. I thought you said who's the bossiest?" which sent us all laughing even harder.

We drove almost an hour to a fireworks display only to be told when I asked for directions that it's TOMORROW night and then we drove back home ....

To this spectacular sunset and rolling down the hill.

What a glorious day. May y never forget it.
Still working on this mobile blogging. Will someone tell me if the picture is visible? Or do you have to click on a square to see it or is it even there? Thanks. And by the way, the license plates we haven't seen yet are Rhode Island, Alaska, and Wyoming. Yes, we even saw Hawaii.


  1. Hi Jen, yes, the picture is showing up fine in your post. Thanks for posting in spite of the technical difficulty you have been facing. It's still early days for your trip and there is a lot of adjustment going on, just blog about it for memories sake!

    I have had my reconstruction surgery and am staggered at how much energy I have lost. I've been told to have a nap each day for up to six weeks. And the pain - oh the pain! It took a long time to get right post-op but thankfully I'm just on reg pain killers now. Looking forward to getting rid of the last drain (aargh - ugly things) and gong home tomorrow.

    Keep us updated - looking forward to hearing many more stories of real life in the road, Catherine

  2. Seeing the picture.

    So lily is the bossiest huh? Don't you just hate competition?

    Why Virginia?

  3. It's a good thing you're blogging this - it's just all too good to just have it go up into the ether. Family legends are being written!

  4. Picture is fine. You sound like you're having the time of your life - stinky Micah and all. Memories of the best kind are being made! I'm glad you're able to blog about it.

  5. Great picture! And I love the bossy story! Ha.

  6. Sounds like a typical vacation with kids!

  7. Yep, you've got it down with the picture!

    Still laughing about Lily...


  8. I can't even begin to tell you the emotions that run through me seeing your car parked there and the front of my grandpas house. I love it there so much, and have so many wonderful memories. I couldn't be happier, or more jealous that you get to spend time in such a glorious place. Hope today brought better, less poison ivy, hair tangling, gassious events.

  9. i'm laughing so hard right now...ur trip to the fireworks sounds like something from chevy chases vacation movie

    as for floor vents....maybe that's the reason us texans don't use em...imagine all the stuff found down them from kiddies?

  10. my mom is in hawaii. she tells me it's rare for something to ship a car from hawaii to the mainland, but actually VERY common to buy a car on the mainland and pay to ship it to the island b/c it's such a better deal to buy it over here. so that's lucky that you found hawaii. very impressive;) that sunset is gorgeous.