Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Passing Time . . .

 It's summer. I think I'm getting old, because Hyrum almost legitimately beat me at Memory.  I keep telling myself I let him win, but I'm sure that Evie will be beating me when she's his age.
Every time he got a match, he rewarded himself with a bite of graham cracker.  It made for a messy game.

And the funniest thing I heard yesterday:

I was driving Micah to swimming lessons, when out of the blue he asked me, "Mom, do you know anybody that's ever robbed a bank?"

So if you have ever robbed a bank, let me know so I can tell Micah I know you.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's the BEST question ever! That's so funny!

  2. Apparently a certain brother of mine was accused of robbing a bank. But it turned out he hadn't.

  3. My dad has been robbed at the bank. So you can tell Micah you know someone who gave away the banks money to the robbers, but he has not robbed the bank himself.

  4. Oh yeah..the questions they ask. I remember zac asking me once if pirates slept with their eyes open??? I said yes...and that was that.
    And I am terrible at that game. Terrible!

  5. My memory really IS going. Noticeably.

    And I love the bank robber question. Now, what's that little guy thinking...?


  6. Well, you know - it's a question that needed to be asked...

  7. i love how their little minds work!

    i'm already in the awkward phase though....i look the same from the front or behind.....

  8. one time when we were living in rexburg someone did rob a bank and sean was the one they tried to arrest for it. tall, white, male, yep, pretty much any man in rexburg, but sean was the one walking through a field to work. swat team came down in a helicopter, guns drawn and everything. great story. TRUE story:)