Monday, August 6, 2012

A Few Firsts Around These Parts

112 degrees outside.  Not a first.

Kids running around outside without shoes on.  Not a first.

Kids going to friends' house without shoes on.  Not a first.  (In my defense, I was at IKEA, and Lily sent the boys out the door without shoes, not me.)

Big Brother, on the scooter, ditches Little Brother, because it's so hot outside.  Not a first.

Little Brother comes into the house, red-faced and mad that he'd been left in the dust.  Not a first.
Mom notices Hyrum's bare feet and asks him if he ran all the way home on the 112-degree day without any shoes.

"I had to. Micah wouldn't wait for me on his scooter. I went on the grass when I could, but I just ran the rest of the way."

Nice blisters burned on the balls of his feet, no?  Now that's a first--seventeen years in Arizona, and I've never had a kid actually burn their feet on the scorching AZ ground.

Another first?  Not a single tear from that kid--not one.  He is one tough cookie.

How did Mom react?  I made Micah be Hyrum's slave for the rest of the day to pay him back. Another first around here.  I think I'll be using that punishment in the future.


  1. Wow - that is definitely the first time I've seen that. Your temps are incredible and hard to comprehend as we enjoy highs of 12 degrees Celsius! The consequence was a good one and I hope I can think of that someday if I need it. It won't be for heat blistered feet I. This neck of the woods! Cath

  2. I don't know how you can live with that heat. We had a scorcher here on Saturday and Sunday and it was about 88. We're just not used to it.

  3. Unbeleivable. I really do think I would melt if I lived in Arizona. Kind of like frostbite here I guess : )

  4. Indentured slavitude. You are a genius.

  5. I did that once walking home from Mountain View on a "cool" April afternoon. The ground didn't even feel very hot, but when I woke up from a nap an hour later, I realized I'd slow-cooked my feet. The bottoms of both feet were shiny and red and one massive blister. It was super painful. Unfortunately, I did not get a personal slave for the rest of the day.

  6. Oh poor Hyrum and his little burnt feet! I like the way you mete our punishment. I think it should always make sense, and that one did.
    Good to know that your skin can melt in the hot Arizona sun.

  7. Oh, that is a good punishment!!! Totally fits the crime!

    His poor little feet!!

  8. Ouch!

    Slavedom sounds like the perfect punishment, too...


  9. crazy!!!

    and genius punishment. stealing that one for sure.