Friday, August 24, 2012

Foto Friday--The Girlies

Having Heidi and Sam here for the past two weeks has been a joy--and having Ellie around has been joyful.
 From the second they wake up in the morning, they are inseparable.
 They share everything--food, sippy cups . . .
 . . . toys and babies . . .
 . . . even pacifiers. 
 We spent one morning playing in the irrigation.
 Ellie was a little hesitant, but she soon saw how much fun it was.
These girls are as opposite physically as can be.
 Evie with her blue eyes and straight, fine, blond hair . . .
. . .  and Ellie with her dark eyes and curly, thick, dark hair.  I'm sure as the years progress, they will each pass through a period of envy of each others' tresses.
I can't wait to watch them grow up together, the auntie just a few steps ahead of her niece.

Have a great weekend!  We have our first football game of the year.  Go Heroes!


  1. This made me a bit teary - too, too sweet. They will always have one another.

  2. Great photos Jen!

    What a gift to have Ellie with you for an extended time!

    It's our first football game, too!

  3. What fun. I know they will be dear, dear friends. Cousins are the best, almost as good as siblings!


  4. Great pictures Jen! Two sweet little girls...I think it's pretty darn cool that they are so close in age and can grow up together.
    Enjoy the football game!

  5. What fun!!
    I've been away for a while. How do you do the balancing act my friend. Between mommying and blogging. Ugh. I have missed visiting here consistantly. Your blog is always such a good uplifting read! Thanks!!

  6. It's so great to see them together like that :) I think it's wonderful to have someone so close to their age to grow up with because it can be lonely if they didn't. I hope they are having a wonderful time together!