Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's That Time Again--Micah

 My Micah is growing up so quickly.  I watch him walk away and see his dad in the turn of his head or in his stride or in his eyes.  Eight years old and ready for third grade.

Shoe choice for him was all about color. Had to be green and that was it.  He even gave up on his "slip-on" requirement when he found these fluorescent running shoes.
 Micah was nonstop chatter as we shopped, and I loved every second.  He is FUNNY, and he sees funny things everywhere we go.  I love that he will still hold my hand as we walk from the car, and I love that he didn't remember where we'd parked the Suburban either and didn't make fun of me for forgetting as well!

He grew so much this summer that he needed more than usual, and he made sure nothing made it into his closet that he didn't like.  One shirt he deemed okay, but he'd "only wear it for picture day."  So why even buy it?  Point well-made, my son.  Back on the rack it went.
 No matter how many times we ate at McDonald's this summer (and it was a LOT), Micah never tired of a mighty kid's cheeseburger meal, only ketchup, with fries and a personally concocted soda.  You didn't know McD's served a green beverage, did you?  When you add powerade to the mix, it all turns green.  It's disgusting, don't let his expression fool you.  I love those brown eyes of his.
Third grade is a big year for a kid--it marks the transition from the little kid playground to the big kid playground.  It's the year you learn multiplication and division and cursive.  It's the year of more responsibility and less play.

As long as Micah has PE and piano, I know he'll make it through.  Does anyone out there have a magic suggestion to help a kid slow down and write more than three-word sentences?  Micah's teacher and I would love to know the answer.


  1. What a sweet boy Micah is. I wish had some helpful advice for the challenge of slowing down and writing more than three words. From Lillypad's childhood - and she was one of those kids - I learned that the body, mind and spirit would all synchronize in their own time.

  2. Sounds like your boys know what they want which makes life so much easier - I wish my boys were so certain about their choices. I love that my 8yo son still holds my hand too, and today when I went into his class he came up to me and gave me a hug in front of his class mates. I'll miss that when he stops. Hope the back to school week goes well. Cath

  3. He is one great kid, as far as I can see. And I have seen quite a lot of him on this lovely blog of yours!


  4. sweet boy....

    as for the green...yes i was totally grossed out by the kids do that too...i'll never understand

  5. I was a green kid myself.

    As for writting more we use the "hamburger method" to teach it sometimes.

    For a hamburger to not be plain needs other things to make it taste better. Details, like ketcup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, etc.

    As him to make the hamburger taste better (the sentence to have more details). Then he can add his describing adjectives to make it better for the person reading his sentence.

    Worth a shot!

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  7. i taught third grade before my babies came:) it was also my favorite year of school as a child. oh the memories!!!