Thursday, September 20, 2012

Return to Alphabe-Thursday

I have been glaringly absent from Alphabe-Thursday for quite a few months now.  Today is the perfect day to return--R is for


Three monkeys in my tub!

And out of my tub.  

What's more fun that a bedtime bath?  Nothing.

Linking up to Jenny Matlock's R for Alphabe-Thursday. I've missed you guys!
Jenny Matlock


  1. What cute monkeys you had in your tub!!

  2. they're adorable monkeys!

    have a great day.

  3. Oh this is so sweet! I really love it! Have a great weekend and thanks for the share!

  4. These pictures are adorable!!! I would frame them and put them in the kids bathroom...cause they are too cute not to look at everyday!
    I love reading about your adventure this summer and the different stops you guys made. I want to go to the Coca Cola Factory!

  5. Is that your tub? Gorgeous.

    But even better with three scrubbed monkeys in it.

  6. Absolutely adorable...and beautiful tub!

  7. RAH! RAH! RAH! REALLY happy to see your RETURN!!

    I adore the tub photo.

  8. Those are very cute kids and pics. Especially because the feet of the tub look like they got three heads - LOL

    Saying 'hello' from my Riesling / Alphabe- Thursday @ ImagesByCW

  9. Terrific photos--and welcome back to Alphabe-Thursday!

  10. Oh wow!

    This is the cutest picture!

    I love your tub! If it's a new one, you should send that photo to the manufacturer. It would be great on their advertisements.

    Nothing cuter than three little fella's rubbadubbing in a claw foot!

    Super, super cute!

    Thanks for linking!