Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Knew It Was Fall Somewhere

 We had a frequent flier ticket about to expire, so what choice did we have except take a trip?

And where better to travel from Arizona in the fall than to New England--Land of legendary fall beauty?
 We happened upon the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MS, on our drive up the coast.  It was unbelievably breathtaking.

 Acres and acres of gardens and statuary and over 2,100 feet of rolling green lawn straight out to the ocean. 
 Can you imagine living in such a place?  Me neither.
 We drove all the way to York, Maine, where we stayed in this little bed and breakfast.  Is there anything more romantic than a bed and breakfast in Maine in October? How about going to sleep to the sounds of the ocean and the rain in a bed and breakfast in Maine in October?

Yeah, that really happened.

 Fall colors were everywhere.
Reds, oranges, yellows.  This was a patch of mushrooms straight out of Alice in Wonderland.
 We took a cliff walk along the Atlantic Ocean, past many homes like this.  Sigh.
 In contrast to how I look in this picture, I couldn't have been happier to be wearing boots and a jacket and scarf, walking along the rocky ocean in October. 

 We crunched in leaves and watched storms roll in.

 It was cloudy and blustery most of the time we were there, but the sun and sky cooperated for our visit to this lighthouse. 
 It's funny how I never really thought these places existed in real life--just picturesque puzzles and calendars.  But they are real!  Just as real as cactus and scorpions and prickly pear and forever-blue skies.
This church's name is St. Peter's by the Sea.  Really?  Yes, really.
How can you go to Maine and not eat lobster, right?  Brad got these twin "shedders" and I quickly dubbed them Huey and Louie.
 We stopped by produce stands and orchards.  We watched families decide on pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and pick apples for pies.
 We drove through the countryside and exclaimed at the colors and smells of fall.
I even spied on this wedding party taking pictures in the ocean.
 We were not disappointed.

New England was more beautiful than I ever imagined.  For those of you currently experiencing fall, enjoy every single second. 


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  2. It was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out, and now it's fixed.

  3. Fall in New England is the best. I want to go and see Katie and the girls so badly, but flights over the holidays are atrocious. I'm going to save my money so I can go next year in the fall (and hopefully before that as well!) This is her 2nd year in Massachusetts and she is starting to see that beauty and charms that are there. The girls like the snow as much as the beach!

  4. We LOVE Maine. It was one of the best trips we have ever taken. And so picturesque!

    Glad you had fun. Your pics are gorgeous.


  5. Looks like a beautiful vacation!
    Good for you.
    I've always wanted to go to Maine. Perfect time to go too.

    Love the photos. Your glasses are darling.

  6. Thanks for that wonderful look at my beloved east coast (well,not technically mine, because it's in the US and I'm from Nova Scotia!) What gorgeous photos you took!....and you could have been posing for an LL Bean catalogue!

  7. Wow--Absolutely stunning photographs! Someday I'll get over there!

  8. how beautiful jen.
    we have some color here but nothing quite so picturesque!
    too bad you couldn't have popped in on pam and sloan!!:)
    have a happy day

  9. I loved your pics and if I weren't so righteous I would be jealous of your trip :) The picture of you is beautiful.

  10. Wow....what a lovely get away, I love the pic of you too. So serious and stylish!