Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday to Blacker Saturday

As tradition requires, my bestie, Karen, and I head out to shop on Black Friday.  Even though the rules of the game have changed markedly since we began playing (as it opening at 8 pm on Thanksgiving night--we boycotted that out of principle, I tell you), we still fell that tinge of excitement as we scan the ads and develop a strategy for the day.

This year, we left home around midnight Friday morning, avoiding most of the crazy people and still catching a few of the deals we were after.  We shared our expertise with Black Friday novices and listened to seasoned veterans complain at the prices.  We laughed and laughed at memories of past years and enjoyed being together as only old friends can. 

By 8 am, we were home and by 9, I was in bed for a few hours sleep.

Friday was a busy day, filled with family activities and anticipating the arrival of Heidi's newest baby.  When I finally tumbled into bed around 11 pm, I was thoroughly exhausted.

Things took a terrible turn in the night--as in my stomach and innards.  Omitting the details to protect your minds, I will say that I was the sickest I've ever been in my life--so sick that I couldn't pull myself up off the cold bathroom floor and crawl back to bed. 

It was a long night.

I was still sick all day long, even though I did make it into the shower and drink a glass of water. 

I think that my body reacted to no sleep, the stress of Heidi's delivery, a 10K race, overeating Thanksgiving bounty and turned on me.

Funny thing about the flu.  You never really keep it to yourself.  Brad was sick Sunday afternoon and yesterday, and Hyrum woke yesterday morning complaining of a hurting tummy.  I told him he should stay home from school and rest.

That boy doesn't rest.  By 9:30, he was running around, asking for things to eat and wondering if he really had to take a nap?  I said yes.  Duh.

Brad was still home recovering and I had a quick exchange I needed to make from Friday's spree.  I left the two little kids with him, ran out the door, made my exchange and was home in less than 45 minutes.  When I walked in the door, I couldn't see the kids, but I found Brad and asked him where they were. "I think they're outside."

As I walked by the family room, I saw Evie in front of the TV and asked her where Hyrum was.  "He gone to school."  WHATTTT???

While I was gone, he had decided he was well enough to go to school, and when he discovered that I was at the store, he had just grabbed his backpack and walked out the door to school, big as you please.  Figuring he made it the 100 feet to school, I just let it slide.  I guess I've been a mom way too long.
When the boys walked in the door at 2:30 yesterday, they were both a little hesitant, wondering what my reaction would be.  Was I mad?  Was I happy?

It turns out that he had walked to the office, gotten a late pass ("Mom, you have to get a pass if you're late to class!"), and found his way to room 1.  That's my kindergartner. 

I wasn't mad.  I wasn't happy.  And by being neither mad nor happy, I had nulled the bet between the boys.  Micah thought I'd be mad at Hyrum, and Hyrum thought I'd be happy he'd made it to school.

Secretly, I was happy.  Happy and amused.

That kid will never stop surprising me.


  1. I love the update of your weekend. How did your race go? And congratulation to Heidi, Sam and the whole family.

  2. Do you know how much I love Hyrum? You'll never have a dull moment when he's around! So glad you're feeling better, and that you got it over with before Christmas. Flu is the worst. Katie's family were all down with it too. For once I was glad of the 3000 miles separating us!

  3. The tummy bug sounds like 'no fun' but I love the rest of your post. What a little dickens you've got there!

  4. Oh, Hyrum... I can totally see his reasoning, too. "Mom will be happy that I went to school!" Love that kid.

  5. There is no one quite like our Hyrum. What a doll.

  6. I wish I had video of the rant in the Toys R Us parking lot! Thanks for keeping the tradition, I think I am getting too old to stay up all night too - but did I mention stubborn and tenacious?

  7. I hate the stomach flu like no other. ugh

    And I love what Hyrum did. Just love it.


    PS. It tickles me. And so does the fact that you are a grandma again! =D