Thursday, November 29, 2012


Thanksgiving in the desert.
We were so glad Brad's parents and brother and his wife could join the Arizona branch of the family for the holiday. It was a perfect day. Temperatures hovered around 80 degrees with a slight breeze. Plenty of seats. Plenty of food.

I counted eleven pies--eleven pies for 19 people. Pretty good ratio, especially since I'm not counting the pecan pie that was "sampled" until it was gone before dinner even started nor the apple pie I made the night before that finished off Wednesday night's dinner and provided Thursday's breakfast.
Friday was just as beautiful, so we piled all the kiddos into the car and spent the afternoon at Tempe Town Lake, playing in the dirt . . .

. . . taking turns in the canoe . . .

. . . posing for pictures . . .

. . . just being silly . . .

. . . and fishing. What a relaxing afternoon.

After dinner, the grandkids all decided it was time for another in a long line of epic "spoons" battles.

All were assembled, the cards were dealt and passed from hand to hand until someone got four of a kind. Ben dove head long across my portable tables, lunging for the last remaining spoon, when I heard the table legs crack.
From that point, we moved to the floor, where less damage could occur--a few claw marks, one accidental elbow jab to the gut, and maybe a few wrathfully exclamations when spoons were unceremoniously yanked out of hands. Altogether a successful night.
I love these guys. I love spending time with them and for the memories we made this year. I love how willing they are to come visit and take the time to spend an Arizona Thanksgiving.
It's almost December! Are you ready???


  1. I have a frind who is the youngest of eight kids. For the past fifteen years they've taken their incredibly sturdy dining room table into the backyard to play spoons. A spirited game ended with a broken china cabinet and mom put an end to the indoor games! I'm glad yours was just a folding table and not a family heirloom!

  2. perfection Jen, perfection! And the weather? It was about 45 and misty here.

  3. Looks like a great Thanksgiving for the Dentons!

    Ours was crazy and hectic but we had such a good time.

    And no, I am not ready for Christmas. But I'm workin' on it!!


  4. Awesome fun. The more the merrier and great weather too.

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