Friday, November 9, 2012

Foto Friday--Pinterest, Applied

How often do you pin things and then never look at them again?

I vowed this week to use a couple ideas that I found while surfing through Pinterest.
I found this site with tons of printable coloring pages, so I printed them out and we spent the evening coloring Thanksgiving turkeys.  Here are our finished pages:
Clockwise from top:  Lily, Mom, Evie, Hyrum, Micah.  

I found this idea one day, but I didn't want to use water, so I changed it up a little for us:
When the boys got home from school yesterday, this note and new Nerf guns were waiting for them.  We had a blast, taking turns hiding and ambushing each other.  Evie woke up, grabbed an old gun and joined in on the fun.

The fun Nerf war made the transition to hair cuts much easier.
Think the boys needed a little trim?
Both boys took this adventure very seriously.

 Goodbye curls and Justin Bieber wings.
 Ah.  Much better.

As we were leaving, Hyrum pointed to the crazily coiffed woman pictured in the window and said, "She looks really weird, but we look totally studly. Plus, they have awesome gel"

I love these kids.  They keep me laughing and frustrated every day.

Have a fantastic weekend--especially those of you enjoying snow!  We actually can feel the temperature dropping and a few raindrops are in the forecast.

Ah, it's finally fall!


  1. The haircuts look great! Worth the wait.

  2. I wish I had been able to see your nerf war. I bet they would love to that every week.

  3. They are lookin' good!


    PS. The weather's chilling a bit here, too.

  4. What fun!!!!!
    I bet they loved that and will never forget!

    Sad to see those curls go.
    Too cute.

  5. ur a fun mom! i don't dare let the kids breathe when cole is sleeping....hahaha

    but i will hold on to that idea and be a cool mom like u one day!

  6. btw...if that was me hiding in the closet waiting for them...i'd be giggling like a school girl! haha

  7. you are the coolest mom alive. i love that idea.

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