Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obligatory Halloween Costume Post

Halloween 2012 is now part of the record books. We had a great day.
Since school doesn't allow masks or weaponry, Hyrum chose Harry Potter for his school costume.
Aren't these cupcakes fabulous?  I couldn't resist them.

Best costume of the night had to be Grandma Tucker, who is here visiting for the week.  As long as I can remember, Mom has never dressed up for Halloween.  How I convinced her to dress up as my dad I'll never know.  But I must say that I laugh every time I see this!  My proudest moment of the day, for sure, and my siblings all thought it was awesome!
Ben had football practice, so Brad borrowed his Beast costume.
I threw on Tucker's name tag and grabbed a Spanish Book of Mormon.  It took us all day to coerce Evie to get into that bumblebee costume, but once it was on, she loved it.
Let's go get some candy!
The best part of Halloween--the sorting and trading and eating. 

By the time I got down on the floor to take these pictures I was too tired to move. 
I just lay there and rolled around like Midas in all the loot.
Then it was time for bed, and I corralled all three of them and had a very serious talk--if they didn't get ready for bed and calm down and go to sleep, I would keep their candy all day Thursday and they wouldn't get it back till Friday morning.

Not a peep out of those boys. 

Hope your Halloween was as memorable as ours.

Late last night I received an email with this link to a Deseret News article, detailing yesterday's missionary efforts on storm-ravaged Long Island.  Tucker is currently assigned to the Freeport area (mentioned in the article), so it sounds like he is up to his elbows chopping trees and helping people now homeless from the storm.  I can't wait to hear from him! I'll keep you posted if he ever finds the time and the power to email home!


  1. Grandma definitely wins the costume contest! :)

  2. Fun costumes!
    There's also an article about the NYNYS mission on LDS newsroom.

  3. two cute bumble funny!:)
    your mom looks great and you look pretty awesome yourself.
    love your "talkin to".
    we are buying their candy from them this year...i want it GONE!!!
    have a happy day jen

  4. I was so surprised at the picture that you texted me of Mom!! Awesome!!! Adorable afamily shots too!

  5. Those cupcakes are a work of art! And I loved all our costumes, too.


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