Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown, Connnecticut

What more can I add?

What more can I say?

 Nothing is dearer to our hearts than our children--our young, innocent, bright, children.  Those children with their futures and their lives and their dreams stretching in front of them.

Nothing is sweeter than the hugs from our children--our tender, silly, guileless children.  Those children who can change the course of our day with a soft kiss and the heartfelt words, "I love you."

Nothing is more tragic than the loss of our children--our perfect, beautiful, funny children.  Those children whose futures are cut short through accident, illness, or the poor choices of others.

Nothing is harder than outliving your children--our beloved, cherished, treasured children.  Those children whose eyes reflect our future, our destiny, our purpose.

I have been so impressed with how the Parker family is publicly handling such a private grief.  Here are a few words from Emilie Parker's father:

I also know there is a God in heaven who sees it all, who loves each of us individually as His child, whose heart breaks not only for the families who lost their children, but whose heart also mourns for the family of the perpetrator, for Adam Lanza too is His child.

There is nothing we can do or say that will change the past, but I refuse to let evil overshadow how I live my life or how I perceive this world--a place of wonder and joy and experience and hope.  Especially as seen through the eyes of my children.

May we this day have a prayer in our hearts for the families whose lives are at the center of this tragedy.

May we hold our own dear ones just a bit tighter and a bit longer as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at this time of year.

And may we honor their memories by living in joy and faith, refusing to hover in fear of what may happen tomorrow.


  1. Perfect love drives out all is hard to understand, but you are right...we must realize that joy does not come in safety or in good times, but in hope.

  2. What a remarkable young man. He is so right - anger doesn't help. I love his words 'help one another'.

  3. Yes, he truly is inspiring and so strong.

  4. Beautiful thoughts, Jen. And I, too, was inspired by that brave, loving father.