Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Formal, Take One

 You remember that awkward moment when parents swarmed you with cameras as you pinned a flower on your date?

Kids nowadays are so much more relaxed about it all.
Girl's choice Winter Formal was this past weekend, and my plane from Idaho landed with just enough time for me to snap a few pictures of Ben and Erica before they left for the festivities.

I loved her dress and her necklace.  Ben loved that with her tall shoes he was still taller.  
Now would someone please explain to Ben that pink roses do indeed match a navy dress?  He didn't believe me.

I'm having issues with Lightroom again--it's been a year, and you'd think that I'd have this down by now . . .


  1. I never get tired of looking at those milestone pictures of kids going to a formal dance. Your son is so handsome and they're a cute couple! And yes, pink was perfect with the navy dress.

  2. Like Karen, I love those dance pictures. They both look adorable.