Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Formal, Take Two

Ben switched high schools in tenth grade.  Bonus?  Knowing girls at two schools who need dates to girl's choice dances!  His first Winter Formal is posted here.

Last Friday was his second Winter Formal dance for the month.  Poor guy.  Somebody's got to escort these beautiful ladies around!

 Why is it that I love to preserve that awkward moment when they're trying to pin on the boutonniere?
 Don't you love her hair?
. . . and her dress?  That corsage was so beautiful--the florist added evergreen and silver ornaments.

These two are rarely serious, so I needed a shot of their real faces.

A fun surprise when Ben got home from the dinner/dance/after party . . .
He was the junior class jester prince.  And the class princess just happened to be wearing the same dress as his date, so they already matched.  Handy, huh? I love the hats for the guys.  Brad has been sneaking Ben's hat out of his room and taunting him with it all week.

I love teenagers and their activities. 

Mostly, I just love Ben.  He is the best.


  1. How cool is that? And yes, her hair is really neat!


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