Friday, January 18, 2013

Foto Friday--Is the World Ready?

Hyrum has been begging to start karate since . . . October? When I finally made the appointment for his introductory lesson, he was READY! 

He listened.  He followed directions.  He said, "Yes, SIR!" and "KEEE-YAW!" at all the right moments.  He punched and jabbed and kicked and bowed.
It helped that the teacher is young and cool and good with kids.  He related well to Rum and helped him understand that martial arts are a sport and a way to learn self-discipline and control, not just learning to throw punches.
No one has been prouder of a pristine white belt and new uniform.

I don't anticipate a black belt out of this class, but that's not the goal. We've been down this road twice before, and I like how martial arts give energetic kids an outlet for their exuberance while teaching them self-discipline and that they really can do hard things. 

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


  1. He'll be great! Lexi and Matthew in Colorado are taking some kind of martial arts class and they love it! Mommy is pregnant with #4, so I'm sure it's nice to have an activity to help them blow off a lot of steam, as well as teach them some useful things.

  2. He is so cute and so proud!
    I remember that stage - seems so long ago that I had one in a little suit like that (I used to know what it was called, but have deleted the word from the brain mainframe!)

  3. He is the cutest little karate kid I've ever seen!

  4. I think it's a great discipline, when you have the right leader. And this guy sounds like a good one!


  5. Looks like he's already enjoying himself. Karate is definitely great for teaching self discipline. We're thinking about enrolling E into a martial arts class when she's ready too. Hope we get lucky and find a good teacher too!

  6. oh he looks so happy jen!
    i love that.
    have a happy day

  7. No. They probably aren't ready, but dang he's cute!

  8. Well whether he can do it or not he looks pretty happy with himself and awfully cute!