Monday, January 28, 2013

My Favorite Things, Part 1

I guess I'm not Oprah (although I did meet her twice when we lived in Chicago--remind me to tell you about it) with a huge giveaway of gift bags and cars and all, but I do have a few current favorite things that I couldn't resist sharing with you.
This may look like an ordinary bite of chocolate, but I promise you, my friends, that it is far from ordinary.  This delectable, melt-in-your-mouth morsel could have been invented by Mr. Willy Wonka himself from a floating river of chocolate.
Now that I am back on a sugar-free kick in earnest, these little mouthfuls are invaluable.  Dove knows how to do chocolate, and I'm telling you--you cannot taste the difference between the regular version and sugar free--that's how yummy these are. One or two a day and they definitely keep the sugar monkey off my back.

One caveat:  They are very difficult to find. First discovered at Walmart during the holidays, I didn't see them return to shelves until recently, and they are currently not available all the time.  Walmart still doesn't have them in stock.  Neither does Target, but I have had a little luck at Walgreen's and Kmart.  When I do find them, however, I tend to buy all the store has on the shelf.  THEY ARE THAT GOOD.

You're welcome.


  1. I'm on the mainland this week, so Of Course I'm going to hunt these down!

  2. I just can't do the dark chocolate. Times like this I wish I could, I'm sure this is a better alternative than a hershey bar when the need strikes!

  3. I need to buy these for Dave. He will LOVE them!

    Thanks for the tip, Jen.

    (And thanks for your kind comments about today's poem, too. I was hoping someone would "get" it.)


  4. Thanks for the tip - I'll look for them! I've just started a new Paleo-according-to-me diet (which means I've not read the book, so I'm just doing what a few people have told me. But it's WORKING!) and so a little sweet that's not full of sugar and/or carbs would be just the thing for those late night cravings.

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