Wednesday, February 27, 2013

City Cross Country Championships

 Lily competed in the All-Mesa 7th-8th grade girls' cross country meet last Saturday.
It was a beautifully perfect Arizona February morning for a quick 2.2 miles around Red Mountain Park.
Lily has a gorgeous stride and never seems to be struggling with her pace--just like her dad.
I love this picture purely from a photography standpoint--the lighting, the timing of their strides, their ponytails.  I love this picture purely from a pride standpoint--the moment Lily passed her.  "Run over by a crappy purple Scion"--name that song.

Out of 70 girls, Lily took sixth place.
Only one seventh grader beat her.
 She was pleased with the results, and with her first medal ever.
I love it when my kids find their "thing"--that thing that comes to them as naturally as breathing.  I remember when it happened with Heidi, and with Tucker, and then with Ben, and now with Lily Jane. We're looking forward to five more years of cross country and track with this one.  It's going to be a great ride.


  1. Congrats to Lily.
    Song? Only my favorite these days by Train..."50 ways to say goodbye". love their video too.

  2. Your Dad has been wondering how she is doing in track. Glad to hear. Looking forward to when she comes to Idaho.

  3. makes me cry to read about finding her "thing". My 13 year old found her thing in playing the guitar and singing and it is a wonderful feeling as parents to see this. My 15 year old son is getting close but hasn't nailed anything down. I hope it comes for him. There is confidence that comes with it. Thanks for sharing your life. I love to follow it and it inspires me in being a wife and mom of 6.

  4. We think 6th place is AWESOME!! Great job Lily!

  5. What a great girl. Congrats to her!


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