Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Finally someone built a bouncy house just for boys--one where they can knock each other around and it's okay!
Funny boy-isms from around here lately.

Benjamin: He did scare me a little by suffering a slight concussion at rugby this weekend.  Stinker!  (Like it was his fault that the kid's knee hit him in the head, right?).  Ben was working on an English assignment last night when he realized he had forgotten to save the final draft.  Exasperated, he came upstairs and muttered, "The wind has been stolen cruelly from my sails."  Lucky for him it's not due until tomorrow.  I have a feeling it will be a long night for my boy tonight, wind or no wind.

Hyrum:  that kid and his shoelaces.  He was quite mystified that Evie sits down to use the potty  We had a long discussion about why this is so, which may or may not have included talk of pee running down legs.  Ah, boys.

Recognize this guy?  This is how Micah spent his money at the school carnival.  That hat cracked me up.

To top off my crazy night last night--it was 8:30 and little kids were headed to bed.  Micah ran into my room and blurted out, "I just remembered!!  I have the word parade tomorrow morning and I have to make a costume all about the word sedimentary!"   Seriously?  This is how he looked as he rushed out the door this morning:
 Boys.  Gotta love 'em, even when they drive ya crazy!


  1. Absolutely.... GOTTA love your boys.

  2. ur boys crack me up! esp the 'potty' talk..i'm sure my lily will have same talk in the opposite when reid decides his gonna use the potty one day

  3. Boys are great! I especially loved the last minute costume. Boys think their mothers are miracle workers. Luckily, we usually are...

  4. Hope Benjamin is 100% soon. I always hated concussions.

    Great last minute sedimentary save.


  5. brennan has been on my glare list for the last 3 weeks. rough!!!