Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Christmas/Spring Break

Lily received her best Christmas present ever--and it only took three months for it to arrive!

She flew up to Salt Lake City where Heidi's family found her (after a brief lesson on airport security and how you can't go back through after you get your bag) and drove her to Pocatello, ID, where my sister Karen then took over guardianship and drove her back to Twin Falls for the week.

Lily couldn't have been more excited to spend three days in a professional kitchen!  Karen sent me tons of pictures that week.

I loved entrusting her to my sister--Karen is such a good example of pursuing what you love, no matter how long it takes you to get there.

It made my heart leap with excitement for her when I saw this picture of her in full chef regalia.  Dress up time!

She got to make puff pastry

and yummy cinnamon twists from said puff pastry.
 She got one-on-one instruction on flower making from a pastry chef

and used all of the "legit" baking tools.
All of these experiences just cemented in her head what she wants to do and where she wants to go in her life--baking and creating and tasting.  Thanks, CSI culinary school for allowing a twelve-year-old girl live a dream.

One of the best things about a week in Idaho without the rest of the family is getting to do stuff with Grandma and the girl cousins. 

 These three are less than a year apart, and when they get together, things get a little crazy!
 They did a little shopping . . .
 . . . a little eating while playing games with Grandma . . .
 . . . and just generally being teenage girls.

Karen loaded Lily onto the shuttle from Twin Falls to Rexburg on Thursday night, and by 1:05 am, Lily was safely eating french fries and chocolate shakes with Heidi and Sam.

They made a skirt and played with the kids.  I know she loved having Ellie all to herself!

Saturday morning I received this surprise image from Sam:

They had all just completed a 5k race--even Lily who had had no training, was wearing Heidi's too-small shoes, and ran outside in the cold!  That's my girl!

I am so thankful to Karen, Grandma T, Heidi, and Sam for making this all possible for her.  I know it will be a trip she will never forget.


  1. I love that she knows what she wants to do at such a young age...not that she can't change her mind if she wants too :) What a great adventure courtesy of your sweet family.

  2. Awwww...what an awesome experience for Lily! I bet she soaked up every minute of it and had a blast...such a neat gift you and your family gave her.

  3. So much fun! I smiled all the way through.


  4. That's one for the Bank of Good Memories!