Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Photography Class--The Boys

Our final assignment in our photography class was to take a subject, and using all the principles of photography, find the best image for that subject.  I first tried my boys doing their homework after school.
This is not our calmest, nicest time of day, as you can imagine. This was my first image, just to set the stage to document the commotion I deal with daily.

Then I tried a few different angles.

Which one is your favorite and why?


  1. I liked the first because I always like to see the whole picture!

    My second favorite was the second to last one. I just loved that close up on his hands carefully doing the work.


  2. i love the last one b/c of the angle and focus on the backpack. i love pictures that have a focus of an item, but tell a story in the background.

    also, love your green walls:)

  3. If you're talking photgraphy...my favorite is the 4th one...overhead view. Otherwise I like the first picture where I can see those cute faces!

  4. I like the close up on the pencil. This is usually my view as a teacher. It spoke to me the most.

  5. I love the first picture.
    I guess it's just fun to see your house and colors.

  6. I liked the one where the camera is over his shoulder, viewing what is being written in the notebook. I think I like it because it's like a personal view.

  7. My favorite is the second to last one. Why? Because he is almost done. Kidding. I like close-ups of the work, his concentration.