Monday, March 25, 2013

What a Weekend

Some weekends are just jam-packed craziness.
Karate advancement

A project that turned more time consuming than I'd planned
Two rugby matches
You have to get used to seeing your son flat on the ground like that.

More chores--tree trimming from the last frost.  To see the tree before and just after, click here
Micah played the piano in sacrament meeting and Ben gave a talk.

And here's Micah's picture of my new haircut.


I'm exhausted just posting about it.  I need a nap!


  1. That poor tree! I hope it grows back just as pretty as ever.

  2. bahaha i was exhausted too!

    (haha just saw Heidi's comment)

  3. Love the mowing shot.... and the haircut! Just reading the post made me feel like I needed a nap :) And the rugby... oh my.

  4. I needed to look at the lawn mowing picture for awhile.......I could almost smell the grass.

    OK, where was I?

    Oh, ya. Dang girl you are busy.
    Congrats to all the busy kids. Piano, talk, yikes!

    Love the haircut.

  5. I think we all need a nap after thinking about all that activity!

  6. I never did get used to seeing my sons lying on the ground.

    And my verdict on the haircut? Cute!


  7. You are a busy lady. But a busy lady with a cute haircut!

  8. Oh I think that would be hard to see my kids on the ground like that- especially with out any pads and helmets, rugby is so cool but so crazy! And yes you earned a nap big time!