Friday, April 19, 2013

Foto Friday--Beauty and the Beast

Who knew Evie's hair could do this?
A little water, a headband and a ponytail, and she was quickly transformed and ready to go watch Ben perform in "Beauty and the Beast." He was a stellar villager, wolf, plate (and in secret role that he was fantastic!).
I've seen a lot of high school/youth productions, and this has to be in the top five.  The costuming, the set design, the acting, the music--I loved it all.  The Beast was so scary that when he walked down the aisle, Evie hid her face in Dad's shoulder and tried to claw herself to safety.

I've had "Human Again" stuck in my head all morning. I may have to sneak over and watch it again on Saturday.


  1. Who put the show on? I love that musical! Probably because it is the only musical I've ever actually been in. But Human Again is quite catchy. Congrats to Ben!

  2. I love high school plays. Ours always delight!


  3. HAHAHAHA DARLING!!!!! max wakes up with lots of body like that some days too:) when brennan wakes up like that i spray it with hairspray and it looks awesome.