Saturday, April 13, 2013

Foto Friday on Saturday--Prom

Is it really prom time again?  Where did the last year go?

My Ben--he's such a good guy.  I could go on and on about all of his virtues, but I won't.  I'll just share a few pictures from his prom adventure.

They started out the day hiking the Wind Caves (remember our family hike with James?).  When I came home from helping in Hyrum's class, I heard the shutter on my camera click.  What?  This is what I found:
 I managed to successfully take three kids under the age of nine up this hike with no injuries, but my sixteen-year-old son manages to lose a fight with a rock and a cactus.
Nasty, isn't it?  That cut was pretty deep, but not deep enough to warrant stitches, thankfully.  He scrubbed it out and bandaged it up tight, then he spent the afternoon prettying himself up for the dance. (This may be an exaggeration.  I think he spent 30 minutes getting ready, including a shower--that's boys for you!)

Of course, moms have to take the obligatory shots of the beautiful people.
 Her dress was so beautiful.  I loved the ombre shading on the skirt.
 We were lucky to get two pictures of Ben being serious.  Most of the time, he looked like this:
I think moms enjoy prom almost as much as kids.  There's something about dressing your kid up and having them act all fancy--because as their mom, you don't get to see that side of your kid very often!


  1. Beautiful couple, Jen! I love her dress too, and Ben? - sooo handsome!

  2. Such cuties! By the looks of the pictures...I bet they had a blast together!

  3. Cute. I really like her dress!

  4. I agree. I always loved when my kids went to proms. And they make one very cute pair!


  5. prom time....! my son and his friends decided to skip prom (i told him he could since it's the jr/sr prom and he's only a jr...) anywho...they are going to go eat at hard rock in dallas instead...crazy kids! but fine by me...saved getting him all dolled up! hahaha

  6. i want to go back to senior year, buy her dress, and wear to my prom all over again!