Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In Case You Didn't Notice

Five weeks from today--May 15th--Tucker will be home from his mission in New York City. He will walk through that gate at Sky Harbor airport and I will get to hug him as long as I want.

Today--April 10th--is that long-awaited day for my bestie, Karen.

Her son Dallin returns home from Birmingham, England, at 4:45 pm today.

Dallin and Tucker grew up together.  Preschool, elementary school, high school.  They wore each other's clothes and slept in each other's beds.  They shared each other's toys and apologized for squabbles. Karen was Tuck's mom and I was Dal's.

They were little boys together.

And now, they're men.

Hugging Dallin today will be almost as great as hugging his buddy.

Thirty-five days.


  1. Oh boy, do I ever remember. And for me, welcoming my sons home from their missions was one of the best days of my some ways, even better than the days they were born.

    It is heaven, and I am so excited for both you and Karen.


    PS. When Tucker comes home, you won't be able to stop looking at him or hugging him for days.

  2. There are no proper words to describe the reunion of a parent and child after a mission, but I believe it is what it will feel like in heaven some day. I am so excited for you.

  3. I think someone needs to point out that Dallin's hair as a five year-old is sporty and just plain awesome.

  4. I think someone needs to point out that Dallin's hair as a five year-old is sporty and just plain awesome.

  5. I look at your counter when I come by, and think of you and how you must miss your son. Five weeks - it must seem like nothing........and forever!

  6. I can't believe Dallin gets back today! I'm so excited!!!! Seriously, ever time I remember, I get all squeally, which is rare for me. Can't wait to see him!

  7. I'm so excited for you, Jen! I also check out the countdown every time I stop by. When I saw the countdown yesterday, I remember thinking to myself that Tucker's going to be home in a little over a month and you must be so excited to see him :) Just keep busy (not that that's a problem for you) and 35 days will breeze right by.

  8. 35 Days!!! Whew! We're just celebrating that Diana reached her HUMP DAY this week...we're 1/2 way through her mission and man, I still miss her each and every day!
    The pic of you and Dallin is super!
    Here's to hoping the next 34 days slide by and Tucker is home before you know it!!