Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kiwi Chronicles

I'm sure you've been wondering what our resident Kiwi has been up to.

See this happy expression?  His mama sent him a package of yummy stuff only available in New Zealand.
 His mate Karly was here, and they both kept saying, "It's Christmas!  It's better than Christmas!  Look!  Toffee pops!  Weet-Bix!  Milo!  It's better than Christmas!"
 James has been very generous sharing his sweets from home with the rest of us.  Toffee pops--much like a Twix bar. Milo--like malted milk but a little different.  Weet-bix still haven't been opened, but I'm not quite sure he'll share that!
Evie got in on the excitement.  Karly offered to box her up and send her back to New Zealand to James's mom, but she didn't think that was a good idea, even though she did enjoy the styrofoam peanuts!
Culture lesson for the day:  Kiwis call styrofoam peanuts "bubbles." 
Karly and James were quite mystified by the suggestion that a tree be chopped down to replace it with a new one.  Trees are much less maintenance in New Zealand, I'm sure, but hey had that puppy chopped down in minutes.  One thing that continues to amuse me is how hot they think it is here.  I know that it rains most days in NZ and I know that the temps there are quite moderate, but I keep reminding them that it isn't even hot yet!  It was only 85 degrees that day, but whoever wasn't using the axe always waited their turn in the shade.  Wait until it really does get hot--by the end of next week for sure.

But why were the guys chopping down a tree?
To be manly, for sure, but there was additional motivation as well.  Brad told them that if they removed the tree, he'd take them to the Phoenix Suns' final home game of the season.
Fourteenth row, center court, Baby.

And the Suns actually won for a change.

James has been such a joy to have around.  He is funny and kind and easy-going.  We are thrilled he's sharing this America experience with our family.


  1. Let me know if you need help chopping down other trees after they leave. It's so much fun. Brad doesn't even have to take me to a Suns game.

  2. So glad to hear it's a good experience. It IS hot there, by the way. Our German exchange student it always cold. In the house, she is shivering and putting on blankets, etc. I personally think it's because she isn't consuming enough calories, but what would I know? I'm chubby and still think it's cold. But we aren't going to turn up the heat. Just put on a sweater, I tell her, just like I tell the other kids.

  3. I was curious to see what NZ goodies were being missed - actually weetbix is not a fav in our house, tastes like soggy cardboard in my opinion so don't worry if you miss out on that one!! My kids were so excited to find Reeses peanut butter Easter eggs in one of our stores - that's what my kids crave and beg for but it pays to shop around. At least we know where to go for them now! So pleased you've got another kiwi connection.

    Not much longer now until Tucker comes home - what a great Mother's Day gift!!