Friday, May 3, 2013

Foto Friday--Ben's Birthday

Ben woke up on his seventeenth birthday to a surprise on the porch.
 Nice bedhead, Dude!  He had to grow his hair out for Beauty and the Beast, but he is currently begging for a haircut.
 Two of his friends had left him treats and posters listing seventeen things they love about Ben:
 Taryn is quite an artist, and we all laughed as we read what they love about him--I questioned him on the "bites people randomly," and he responded with, "That only happened once!"  What??

Later that day, Hyrum and Evie headed outside with the sidewalk chalk.  Hyrum got really excited and told Evie his plan--leave a birthday message for Ben in his parking spot in the garage.
 He made sure Ben knew the message was from both of them, "Even though Evie can't write yet."  That's a picture of Ben with his rugby ball, in case you can't guess.
 And of course Evie had to draw Ben's eyes--she got distracted before she could finish the whole face.
I love the tender relationship Ben is building with his younger siblings.  They know him, know what he likes, and know that he loves them.  That's one of the best parts of having my kids spread out--watching the older ones love and teach the younger ones.

This weekend marks the beginning of the end-of-the-year performances--two recitals and one play and one awards ceremony.  All that craziness means one thing--school's almost out!

Oh, and that Tucker's almost home--in case I haven't mentioned it!


  1. I am sure it was easy to come up with 17 things about Ben! What a cute idea.

  2. Those posters are adorable, what cute friends. What a fun way to start his birthday! and Hyrum is one of the sweetest little boys ever--even if he is a scoundrel sometimes.

  3. For some reason that ^^ posted under a funky account, but it was me :)

  4. what a great birthday surprise! ben must be a great friend to have so many wonderful ones!:)
    siblings too!!:)
    have a happy weekend jen

  5. Absolutely adorable poster - excellent artist! A great keepsake - the best kind of gift!

  6. So much good stuff going on in your family. And I love reading about it!


  7. Happy birthday, Ben!

    Wow, 17...time sure does fly by doesn't it? I love how your kids love each other so much. It's reall sweet and adorable what Hyrum and Evie did for Ben. I really hope that E and K are that close when they're older :)