Friday, June 14, 2013

Foto Friday--First Real Photo Shoot

Like I said earlier, summer is kicking my trash.

Just this week we had . . .

 eight swimming lessons
four dive team practices
ten swim team practices
 one dive meet
 one swim meet
ten basketball camp practices
five musical theatre rehearsals
two musical theatre performances
one musical theatre cast pool party
one piano lesson
six play practices
four dental appointments
 one lost Social Security card

 . . . and nine new chickens joined our family.

Throw into this whole crazy mess my first real photo shoot.  I wasted hours looking up techniques and ideas and styles online.  I cleared all of my memory cards and charged my batteries. I stressed over my lack of experience and prayed that I'd get just a few good shots. I found two good locations and spent two evenings shooting pictures of two of my favorite people.
Oh, did I neglect to mention that we also had an engagement this week?

Yes, you heard me right.  Tucker got engaged Monday night.  This, my friends, is the main reason I have been absent from blogland much of this week.

More to come about Tucker and Karli and their story next week.

I am going to catch up on my sleep this weekend and spoil the father of my children a little bit (and fold more neglected laundry, even though I swore I'd never let it pile up again).  Have a great Father's Day!


  1. Omg! Congratulations, Tucker and Karli! I know I haven't been around here lately but who is this new soon-to-be-permanent family member? Have you mentioned her before or are we just meeting her?

    They make a beautiful couple :) You must be over the moon happy and excited right now!

  2. Wait... Isn't EVERY day Father's Day? ;)

  3. And after I hear about this engagement, I want to hear about those chickens.

  4. Not next week! You're such a tease! Wow, big news in your family! Congratulations to them! They sure are one good looking couple!

  5. How exciting! They're a beautiful couple - your photo skills did them justice!

  6. What an adorable pair. Can't wait to hear the details! And your photo is PERFECT!!


  7. Congratulations!!!!!!

    Your summer sounds busy busy busy!
    Too busy.

    Did you say chickens? As in fowl?

    Tucker looks pretty happy. When is the big day? Maybe I need to come and help you fold laundry!

  8. WOW!!!!
    I missed this post before I read the latest one on their story!
    that is beyond awesome!!!
    have a happy day jen

    and you did great...amazing shot!

  9. This was one busy week for you and I don't know how did you handle it all. Anyway, photo shoot can be crazy sometimes, but to think about this: this was your break from all your activities. Seeing all the lovely photos you captured is definitely rewarding, just like the photo of Karli and Tucker here. __ Isabelle @