Monday, June 3, 2013

School-Year Wrap-up: Hyrum

My Hyrum--so wild, so sweet.  I love this kid.

Hyrum had a great school year, and I couldn't be happier with how he grew during his kindergarten year.

He learned to read well, and he learned that he is really good at math.  He learned that students have to raise their hands, even if he didn't always remember to do it.  He learned to help others who needed his help, and he learned that he is a pretty fast runner.

Two recent funny Hyrum-ism:

1. Hyrum called me over to him, enticing me with "Mom, I want to tell you a secret."  I lowered my ear to his mouth to hear him whisper, "Satan's a doofus."

I've been laughing about that one all week.

It took him two days to catch a lizard while we were at Lake Powell.  

2. Hyrum has been keeping the tooth fairy quite busy around here.  Just yesterday he lost his seventh tooth--the kid has no molars in the bottom of his mouth--and when it bled a little too hard and he cried, he quickly gained his composure and said, "At least I've lost as many teeth as Micah now."

On Wednesday evening he shyly walked up to me with his hands behind his back, smiled, then handed me two crumpled dollar bills.

"Where do you want me to put your tooth money?"

"It's for you. You do lots of nice things for me.  I want to do something nice for you."

See?  How can you resist a kid like that?

3. One night he was trying so hard to be completely obedient.  He read me stories, helped Evie clean her room and find her toothbrush; then at bedtime he told me, "I was the bomb today, wasn't I, Mom?"

You are the bomb diggety, Rum.

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  1. The two dollar thing...oh my mama heart! What a sweet boy!

  2. he sounds like a great big kids do the same thing...they will get money and then i will "find" it in my wallet....they say "you never get yourself things...this is for you"

    sweet kids...and then i spend it on what I want....THINGS FOR THEM...

    as for the lizard...blech! haha great photo though!

  3. Although I've only met him in person once, he is one of my favorite people. He reminds me so much of my youngest son - so wild and so tender all at the same time. Kids like that capture your heart forever.
    His front teeth look like Mia's - same side gap in the front! I'm treasuring all of the little gap tooth photos.