Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bye, Bye Shaggy!

Ben was not allowed to cut his hair when he was in Beauty and the Beast.

Then, he left it long because he needed a little somethin' to swing back and forth on stage for his One Direction performance.

His hair got long.

Really long.
So long that he could see it and style it in crazy ways.
For a while, he actually liked having it long.  And it wasn't all bad.
He did rock the look, that's for sure.

Then, one day, he'd had enough, and he got it cut.  This is how he looks now:
 Minus the eye makeup.  He was in a production of Aida two weeks ago.  Awesome costumes, huh?

Don't tell him, but I kinda miss his longer hair.  Sometimes. Moms aren't supposed to say that, are we?


  1. Nooooo! I loved Ben's long hair.

  2. Actually, I liked the longer hair too! But I understand that shorter is, perhaps, easier. And cooler when it's 115 degrees outside.

  3. He looks like a champ with longer hair!

  4. i am a big fan of hair on my kids. it is so fun to let it groooooow out:) and then shave it all off of the boys. except i haven't been able to take the giant leap with chase just yet. i'm too scared his gorgeous amber locks won't grow back. it's getting out of control though. we are beyond mullet and headed for braids:)

  5. I thought he looked cute with it long, too. But it looks fine short, too.

    My boys are always changing that up. And after their missions, they all got into messing around with facial hair as well.


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