Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Weekend--from the Frying Pan into the Fire

Most people leave the valley in search of cooler weather when the temperature spikes the way it did this last weekend.  Not us.

We headed west to Palm Springs to visit Brad's dad and his wife.  Yeah, it was hot.  HOT.

The kids had fun in the water. Brad busted his nose up pretty good.  And my suburban recorded its hottest temperature ever--121 degrees.

It's finally cooler here, but the monsoon is kicking in, so the humidity level is up.  Which is worse--extreme heat or high humidity?  Definitely 121 degrees!


  1. My mom, as you probably know, lives in Palm Desert. She thinks it is "cool" when she puts the A/C on to 80 degrees.


  2. 121???
    I am ashamed to say that we reached 93 on Monday and I was ready to expire!

  3. I still like Palm Desert - such a nice getaway! Brad's dad has a nice house, and how fun to have a boat on the lake! Your kids are so fun - rambunctious, but that's how kids are supposed to be.

  4. we are headed to my parent's lake house for the week on sunday. i can't wait:) rash and canker be gone!