Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Our first stop on our summer vacation was Heidi and Sam's house in Rexburg.

Let it be recorded here forever more that there is no more beautiful place on earth than Rexburg in the summer.  So beautiful.  Now, in February--that's a different story.

They have decided to make eastern Idaho their permanent home, and one of the first things we did was tour their property (builders should be breaking ground for the house TODAY!).

 2.2 acres that are currently alfalfa field.
 Here's the view to the northwest.
 And to the east.
I am so excited for them.  There is NOTHING more exciting than buying your first house. (Even if it is in Rexburg and it is 16 hours away from me.)

All of my other kids decided to stay at the house while we walked the field, but Hyrum came with us.
 Farmer Hyrum, that is.  He is wearing the wife-beater t-shirt he made at camp this summer.  I think he thought red Koolaid would result in red dye, but he was wrong.  He wasn't too manly to sport pink for most of the week!

The only variation from alfalfa on the whole property is the sewer hole.  Hyrum couldn't resist the big, deep hole and he scampered right down to investigate.
 The best part was when he got stuck in said sewer hole and couldn't escape.  Brad and Sam proceeded to make every joke possible about letting him live in there with all the poo and pee.  Hyrum wasn't amused.

At least Sam had a little compassion in his heart to rescue my little guy before the poo and pee!
After church that day, we packed a quick picnic and headed up to Mesa Falls.

I lived in Idaho most of my unmarried life, and I had never heard of Mesa Falls.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our adventure.

 It's hard to believe that the blond, blue-eyed little girl is my daughter, while the curly, dark-haired little girl is my granddaughter.  I love these two little girls!
 And don't forget this little guy!  He looks more like Evie than he does like Ellie.  And he has the calmest, happiest personality ever.  What about those eyes!

 Heidi was not amused at this moment, can you tell?
 Southern Idaho is famous for its waterfalls, but I don't think Mesa Falls is far behind in how breathtaking it is.
 And it is so lush and green.  It looks unlike anywhere else I've ever seen in Idaho.

Such a beautiful evening, and I reflected many times that day how grateful I was to be together with all of my kids, enjoying time all of us together, for the first time in over two years. 
I guess you might say, it was nearly perfect.


  1. A perfect day - perfect time and a great time of life!

  2. Gorgeous photos! So excited they are building a home, what a fun adventure!

  3. It does look nearly perfect. There is nothing better than having all of the kids together.



  4. How beautiful! I've not had the chance to see much of Idaho. Clearly I'm missing out!

  5. There is nothing that fills my tankmorethan time with all my kids...which is an amzing sentiment from someone who values alone time!! Love seeing you altogether!

  6. OOHHHHH!!!!!! i am SOOOO excited for them:) we almost moved back their after pt school, but the lure of family in utah where we were already living was just too tempting. rexburg is the most beautiful beautiful place in the summer. i loved to run through all of the open farm fields on each side of the road. it looks like they are living near our dear friends the allen's. you will have to let me know if they meet them. i will always have a special spot for rexburg in my heart! also, i once went on a date to mesa falls. breathtaking!

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