Monday, August 26, 2013

A Quick Weekend Away

Brad and I left all the kids in Tucker's care for the weekend and took a quick flight up to Rexburg to spend time with the Brubakers.

 Ellie was so excited to take Gmma and Gmpa to the park.

 Saturday afternoon we headed to a bounce house before dinner, and Ellie thought it was the best thing ever invented.

 Even Nathan got inside, with his daddy close by.
 Those kids are so lucky to have a dad who loves to play with them . . .
 . . . . and a mom that will make sure they aren't eating yucky things off the ground.
Seriously.  Those little Brubaker kids have no idea how lucky they are in the parent department.


  1. and the rexburg department!!!:) winning in all directions. i keep having dreams this week that we are moving back there. must be homesick for the burg.

  2. Reading this makes me think it must the the greatest blessing, and purest form of joy, to see your grown children happily married and lovingly raising your grandchildren. Hoping you have many more visits like this to lots of your future grandchildren's homes.

  3. they are beautiful..i swear it just seems like she just had ellie! time is flying ....

  4. what a wonderful get away for you guys.
    quite the beautiful grandkids you have!! (does that feel weird still?!?!) :)
    have a happy day jen