Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Day of School--2013-14

School started already?  The pile of backpacks and lunchboxes outside my door proves it.  I wasn't quite ready for it, but the kids were.

I was a little melancholy when I realized this would be Ben's last back-to-school photo.  Who said he could grow up?
5'11" (will he make six feet?)
168 lbs.
Favorite food: steak
 Favorite movie: Les Miserables
Favorite TV show: Merlin
What occupies his time:  Sports, sports, and work
First day of senior year memory:  For the first time probably ever, Ben had butterflies before going to school.  He was so nervous that he couldn't even eat breakfast.  He didn't know his schedule or any of his classes, so he left a little early.  I received a text halfway through the day, saying that he didn't have all of his classes, and he had been working all day to get into calculus, government and drama.  Then, around 4 pm, I received this text:

Guess what?  And don't get too excited.
I may have broken my collar bone.

NOT what I was hoping to hear.  I madly texted him back, asking what happened, then followed with, "You better call me.  This isn't something a mom wants to hear over texting!"
He called me then, and after a little discussion and an examination when he got home, it looks like he is fine.

Lily--8th Grade
5'3 1/2"
Favorite food: Costa Vida
Favorite movie:  Les Miserables
Favorite TV shows: Psych and Hannah Montana
What occupies her time:  Friends

First day of eighth grade memory:  Tucker and Ben had been telling Lily how lucky she was to get Mrs. Martin for English--what a great teacher she is, how funny she is, etc.  When Lily walked into the classroom, there was a grumpy man at the teacher's desk.  She asked if she was in the right room, and the man replied, "This is Mr. Martin's English class."  Poor Lily.  Mrs. Martin moved to Red Mountain High School over the summer.  She couldn't have been more disappointed.  Hopefully it will all work out for her!

Micah--4th Grade
57.5 lbs.
Favorite food: Mac and cheese
Favorite movie: Monsters University
Favorite TV show:  Power Rangers
What occupies his time:  Piano and capture the flag

First day of fourth grade memory:  Micah had a homework assignment, where he had to decorate a white lunch bag and fill it with 5-10 items that described him.  When he picked up the bag to take it to school, the bottom completely tore out--due to the heavy science experiment he had tried to fit inside it.  I was surprised that he was so calm about it all--lesser tragedies can send him over the edge.  All was well, and the teacher forgave him.

scabby face from scraping the bottom of the pool and his "I-don't-know-how-to-smile" smile
Hyrum--1st Grade
44 lbs.
Favorite food: McDonald's cheeseburger with just ketchup
Favorite movie: Monsters University
Favorite TV show: Clone Wars
What occupies his time: Drawing and climbing the bars

First day of first grade memory:  Never in all of the history of the Denton Sanatorium has a kid missed the first day of school.  Hyrum threatened to break that record.  He woke up feeling sick to his stomach.  He cried and moaned and wrapped himself in his blanket.  We tried some juice and a bite of breakfast, but that just made him feel like he would throw up.  I convinced him to go lay on his bed for a few minutes, and I sent Brad and Tucker up to give him a priesthood blessing (for information on a priesthood blessing, click here).  After a few minutes, he came downstairs, dressed and ready to take pictures.  Then he got his backpack and lunchbox and I walked him to school.  He wasn't quite himself until the teacher asked him if he wanted to play on the playground before class, and then he wandered off and I didn't see him until school was over.

As we knelt to say prayers last night, Hyrum said, "Thank you that you could make me better so I could go to school."  Man I love that boy.
3'1 1/2"
30 lbs.
Favorite food: Ramen
Favorite movie: Monsters University
Favorite TV show: Star Wars
What occupies her time: Dressing up as Rapunzel and playing blocks

Lily with a few of her friends on the way to school.  They are growing up! 

I tried to get the traditional picture of my kids being cute and serious, but they were too crazy to be still for even a second.
So we went with who we really are: crazy, wild, wiggly, silly, and
totally awesome!

2013-14--bring it on!


  1. One of my favorite annual posts! Love that you included a memory from the first day, great idea! Did Ben get his schedule worked out?

  2. hahaha

    Thanks. You guys made my day.


  3. adorable! love how their personalities shine through in the pictures.

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