Tuesday, August 6, 2013

iPhone from NYC

Just a few more photos from our trip--this time via iPhone.
 Those Latin women really know how to dance.  Not so much Elder White Guy.  But he gave it his best shot.
 With Hermana Eva.  What a sweet lady.
 With Elder Finger.  We happened to run into Elder Finger at the mission office.  I guess this was their traditional photo pose. 
 Thursday afternoon we had lunch with Tucker's mission president, President Calderwood, and his assistants, Elders Usenov, Wang, and LeBaron.

And just so I can prove I really went, here's the only picture of me from the entire weekend.
That NYC humidity and rain?  Not so good on my fine, straight hair.

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  1. How great that you got to go back and meet the people he worked with, and so soon!