Monday, August 19, 2013

The End of 43--It's My Birthday Week, Part 1

I just reread my birthday post from last year.

Yes, 42 was a hard year.

I will turn 44 in two days-- marking the end of the early forties and the beginning of the mid forties.

Sandwiched between 42 and 44 is 43, and I must say that 43 was a fantastic year.

While these things were important, I will always reflect on three benchmarks from this year--three pastimes that I picked up almost unconsciously, yet all three have become integral parts of who I now am.

As funny as it sounds, my original desire to take a photography class seemed a little self-indulgent and kind of a waste of money at the time. Did I really have nine Thursday nights that I could spend away from my family, developing a skill that was frivolous?

Although my skills have a long way to progress, I see the difference in my images and I find joy in capturing the small moments of my family's life.

I will always be glad I spent $500 and nine nights to learn how to use my camera, because it changed how I see the world through a lens.


  1. I love the way your photos have grown, and that you found another talent at 43 that blesses your family and others in such a fabulous way! Now, about the other two -are you leaving us hanging or are those the next chapters this week?

  2. I love seeing your photo images, and isn't it fun to see them improve as you learn new tricks? Happy birthday - enjoy your day and coming year! I will be 60 in a few weeks. Oddly enough, I'm not having that hard a time with it. 44 sounds so "arrived" doesn't it? So together. Make it so, and enjoy the next year's accomplishments and added blessings.

  3. Happy Birthday to my "older" friend! I don't run 44 until February! :)
    Your pictures are amazing...I think it's great that you took that deserve it!

  4. i love expressing myself through photography and writing. there is a quote that says we write to live life twice. if there is anything that explains my life it's that, and photography is what expresses my writing like the cherry on top. happy birthday!

  5. That's how Heather got involved with photography, and she has loved it. I know your enjoyment of it over the years will grow even more, as hers has.