Friday, September 6, 2013

Foto Friday--Where Has That Been Hiding?

Hyrum ran to my side one day and asked me if I knew where a really long stick was.

That's not an unusual question around here, so I wasn't curious at all when I said, "Nope, sorry."

A few minutes later he was back.

"Are you sure you don't know where a really long stick is?"

"What do you need it for?"
"We found our tent, and we don't have a stick to hold it up for Evie to sleep in it tonight."

That tent.  I made it when we lived in Chicago--when Heidi and Tucker were three and two.  I was such an overprotective, stressed out mother back then that I would hardly let the kids play in it for fear that they would "ruin" it or "tear" it.

What kind of a mom makes a cool thing for her kids and then practically prohibits them from using it???

That's what kind of mom I used to be, I guess.

Now I'm lucky if my kids wear matching socks to school.  Who cares?  They're under their shoes, right?

Postscript: I purposely kept the photos I took at the wedding shoot a little bit of a mystery, but Karli and her mom posted the link to this picture on Facebook, so I guess it's fair game. I know.  Awesome.

And for those of you who asked (and are local), I do yoga at Floating Lotus Studio on Robson and Main in downtown Mesa.  I love it there.  Every class I've taken has had great, understanding instructors, and my practice has improved immensely since I started there.  I actually spoke with Steve Lynch, the owner, and if you call or go down to the studio and mention my name, he will give you a fifteen-class card for $25 so you can try out the classes.  And before you think I wield some otherworldly power down there, this is the same offer that he occasionally offers via groupon.  Call me if you need someone to go with you.  I love it there.

For those of you who asked which DVDs I use, my favorites are by Rodney Yee.  He is good at explaining, goes slow, and teaches well.  His "Daily Yoga" or "Beginner's Yoga" are good places to start.  Good luck!

Have a great weekend.  More football on tap for us.  Go Heroes!


  1. Gorgeous wedding photo, leaked though it may be...


  2. That photo is downright AMAZING! Can't hardly wait to see the rest. Where did they find the stick?

  3. His Beginner Yoga even works for me!

  4. I figured since it didn't give a preview of the picture on FB, and I didn't say "Hey! Check out my wedding photos!" that not many people would look at it, and I don't think many have. Besides, my aunts already accidentally posted one after they got me ready and then deleted it after an hour when it already had over 40 "likes" so I guess the leaking just happens. :)

    Besides, that one is just our "accidentally awesome" picture that was supposed to be a test shot. So I can't wait to see the REAL ones! :)

  5. Just catching up here and it makes me tired! Wow. You have so much on your plate!

    Love the picture of Evie. So cute.
    Pictures of Tucker are awesome!


  6. I am amazed that you manage to all that you do and still get out for yoga. That is so GOOD and such a good example for your kids.
    I think we were all probably a bit uptight at the beginning of motherhood. It's a good thing we relax!
    The preview photo - just beautiful.