Thursday, October 24, 2013

Four Is the Most Magical of Numbers

What is it about turning four that is so special?
 Something tangible surrounds the birthday child when they turn four.
 It doesn't really matter what is in each package--a Cinderella Barbie, a puzzle, a new shirt.
 Or if the shoes are too big and need to be exchanged.
 Even a piece of super sticky tape brings belly laughs.

Eve was so excited about the presents that she didn't even notice her brand new pink tricycle until every package had been unwrapped and Micah said, "What about your new bike, Evie?"
 Then we couldn't get her off it long enough to get her dressed.
 At least she had her fancy new Sleeping Beauty shoes on.  Does every little girl love these clicky-clack shoes? I think it's the law.

At least her new shirt fit--and so did the "birthday princess" button.
 Best thing?  It was a school day, so she got to take pink cupcakes to her class . . .
 . . . and she came home with a birthday sticker, a birthday crown . . .
 . . . and a snuggly pink birthday bear.

 After a birthday nap, it was time for a birthday party.  We painted pumpkins any color the kids could imagine.  Some were multi-colored masterpieces, while others were monochromatic creations.
Four year olds don't care if there are tons of games to play or fancy gift bags to take home.  They just all want a front seat when it's time to open presents, and each present is just as exciting as the one before--lots of pink and purple.  Barbies and ponies and coloring books and necklaces and stuffed animals.
 Four year olds don't care if Mom didn't make enough frosting to completely cover the cake . . .
. . . as long as the frosting is pink and there are plenty of sprinkles . . .
. . . and that there's "real fire" on the candles for making four-year-old wishes.
After the best day ever, four year olds know that they are now too big to be carried up the stairs baby-style to a little girl bed, and they voluntarily go to sleep in the big bed for the first time.
Four year olds may be big, but they are still small enough to need a silky and a new teddy bear snuggled up to their faces. And a goodnight kiss from Mom.

I don't know who enjoyed this day more--the birthday girl or the birthday girl's mama.  I loved watching the joy and excitement continue from one activity to the next--absolutely loved it.  From start to finish, the whole day was magical--complete with fulfilled birthday wishes and pink birthday cake and lots of presents.  It was perfect.

I still can't believe my Evie--my baby girl--is four years old.  I am so grateful she came to our family--tying our complete package together with a beautiful blond ribbon, big blue eyes, and long black eyelashes.

I know this day will fade from her four-year-old memory, but I will never forget this day--this absolutely perfect birthday day when my baby girl turned four.


  1. Thanks for sharing the details of my Evie's wonderful day!

  2. I could look at pics of Evie all day. She is such a cutie.


  3. Yes--four is truly the best age! I loved when my children were four-years old. It looked like the perfect day. My baby is turning seven in a few weeks and I just want to cry. Kesa

  4. Happy Birthday to your baby!! Wonderful photos!