Monday, October 14, 2013

Housekeeping--Blog Style

Evie with her "I can be a good example" crown from Church yesterday
I feel like I need to do a little tidying up around here today.  So much happened on my blog last week, and I need dust and vacuum and tie up a few of my blogging loose ends.

First and foremost, thank you to all those who shared a little of their own stories of lost babies.  I have hesitated to share my complete story for many years, and you were all so kind.  There is nothing like the pain of losing a child, and it is a scar that many of us wear without anyone around us knowing what we've lost and what we've learned from the experience.  If you haven't read through the comments left on Thursday's post, here's a link. And here's to not suffering alone any more.

Second, I was asked about Micah's class project.  The entire class was not asked to complete a similar project.  His teacher is working with me, and we are hoping we can find ways to simultaneously challenge him and teach him, then have him share what he learns with the class.  Although it was extra work at home, I think it was worth the effort, and I'm hoping that this quarter's project will be just as positive for him.

Thanks for all of your kind comments on my "This I Believe" essay.  A few friends shared the link on Facebook, and I was quite flattered. And Pan and Hook came in the mail on Saturday!  Tinkerbell officially has companions for Halloween!  The boys can't stop sword fighting.  I hope the swords survive another two weeks.

I sent the link to my gallery wall post to The Handmade Home, just to thank Ashley for her inspiration, and guess what? She featured my post on her weekly Handmade Savvy Saturday post!  I was so surprised!  In the comments on that post, I was asked about my kitchen curtains.
I have a throw pillow made out of this fabric, and when I was searching for fabric to make curtains for Lily's room, I found the pillow fabric online during my search.  I had been wanting curtains around these windows forever, but I knew that they would get dirty all the time.  I knew this would be perfect for right next to the kitchen table because the fabric has every color of every food!  Strawberry jam?  No problem.  Grape juice? That can be camouflaged as well.  I ordered the fabric (a heavier weight linen blend), and the rest is history.  I love them, and they bring some fun to the space (and no one knew my secret motivation behind using that pattern till now!).

It has been a few years since I made these, and I don't know if the fabric is still available, but is the best resource when looking for fabric online.  They have GREAT prices and an even better selection.

Most of all, this last week has reminded me what great friends I have--friends from around the blogging world to friends right here in my neighborhood.  Thanks for visiting my corner of cyberspace from time to time.  Thanks for being my friends.  You guys rock!


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