Monday, October 21, 2013

Up Close and Personal

I purposely removed the 18-200 mm lens from my camera and attached the 50 mm lens, just to get out of my photo comfort zone.  Here are a few images from our weekend:
 Lily spent the first half of Friday immovable on the couch.  Can you find her in there?

I cannot keep books out of this kid's hands.  I found him reading this book . . .
 . . . then I went outside to help Evie for a second--literally gone less than two minutes--and I came back to him reading this . . .

Eve and Hyrum spent part of their Saturday morning playing in the irrigation, dressed in nothing but their underwear.  That's not unusual around here.  What was unusual about this time was the outside temperature--around 62 degrees.  That's cold when you're just in underwear!
And this final iPhone shot:
We had just returned from eating lunch with Brad and his mom and sister, and I had told her it was nap time.  She started screaming in the car, and I had had enough of the whole tantrum thing.  I told her that if I heard one more sound out of her before we got home, then she couldn't sleep with her stuffed animals and backpack.  When I walked around the car to let her out, this is what I saw.  At least she was keeping her fury bottled!


  1. Can't believe how cute her hair turned out to be! I love the style on her.


  2. might have to use the "keep up the whining and you can't sleep with Kenneth" *to clarify..Kenneth is a stuffed giraffe

  3. No car seat? I hope she doesn't fall out again!