Friday, November 15, 2013

Foto Friday--A Boy and His Bike

 "Hyrum, I have a great idea.  Let's go outside and I'll teach you how to ride your bike!"

"No.  That would be too hard.  I want to watch TV."

"I know I tried about a year ago to teach you and you fell.  A lot.  But I think that you will learn very quickly this time."

Reluctantly, "Ok, Mom."  Sigh.  Mope his way to the door.

"Three rules, Rum.  #1 Don't look at your feet. #2 Pedal fast. #3 Don't use the brakes at first, just put your foot on the ground to stop.  Got it?"

"Don't let go, Mom.  Hold my shoulder so I know that you're not letting go."
I run alongside him for 20 feet, then let go.
He never once crashed.  He never once fell off. He learned to take off, turn, and stop.

He's on his way.

I thought he would learn quickly, but I never guessed it would be that easy.  First words out of his mouth this morning?
"Can I wait for Micah outside while I ride my bike?"


  1. One of the true joys of parental teaching!

  2. Good for him!!!
    He looks like he's been riding his bike forever. What a pro!

    And wow! Your sunshine and palm trees.
    Wow. (fire in the fireplace and snuggled under a blanket)

  3. Amazing what a difference a year makes, yes? We bought Mia a bike last year that turned out to be just a bit big for her. During my visit last week, I sat outside and watched her zoom up and down the street on it - so proud of learning how to ride it! Hyrum looked totally comfortable as well.

  4. Your photos are awesome!! My Drew spent an entire summer riding with one training wheel! Then the next summer he did what Hyrum did! Love it!