Friday, November 1, 2013

Foto Friday--Post-Halloween Photo Dump

Another Halloween over and done.  Whew!  Why is it so exhausting to dress the kids up and buy a little candy?

Ben's school allows the kids to wear costumes to school on Halloween (payment for a dress code the rest of the year, maybe?).  This is how he looked as he hopped into his truck.
 I went to high school with a few guys who looked just like this every single day . . .
 Right down tho the can of "chew" in his back pocket.  Grandpa Tucker didn't think it was a costume.

Evie had been counting down the days until Halloween, but when it came time to go to preschool, she melted down.  She was in time out at school (first time), she wouldn't participate in the parade,
. . . and I wish you could see the pout on her face as her teacher took this picture.

A long nap later . . . 
. . .  and she was ready for a close-up.

I loved the kids' costumes this year.  Hyrum has the perfect impish personality to be Peter Pan.

Micah was devilish as Captain Hook . . . 

 . . . even sporting a mustache for a while before he couldn't stand it any more.

There were many sword battles between these two enemies, I can tell you that.

Lily made this tutu, along with a couple of friends, and they were all super heroes.
Even Mom got in on the dressing up this year. 
 I was a ghost, but mostly I just wanted an excuse to wear my nightgown all night. So this is what I'll look like when I go gray . . .
Here's the whole group, minus Dad who wouldn't dress up and Ben who was still at football practice.

Then it was time to collect the loot . . . 
 Brad and Tinkerbell went to the eleven houses on our street, and that was enough for her.
 The boys went with their buddies, then came home and spread everything out on the kitchen table so they could trade. Doesn't everyone do this?
 I had promised Micah that if he read The Hobbit, he could watch the movie.  As they traded chocolate for licorice and filled their faces with popcorn, they followed Bilbo on his adventure "There and Back Again."
And now, it's November.  How did that happen?  Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  This year will be over before I'm ready . . .


  1. Their loot in the pink emesis basin did not escape my attention.
    That's what our loot was in as well.

    Looks like everyone made a haul.

  2. I know what you mean; this year is whizzing by!

    Loved the Peter Pan theme and the Superwoman in tutu. You make a pretty cute ghost, too!


  3. Loved their costumes, hope you got a night time shot of Evie's wings twinkling. They were so cute! And, seriously--did Lily age 2 years overnight? It can't be just the braces! Fun pictures, fun night!

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