Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Naughty Girls

Sometimes my perfect little daughters do naughty things.  Can you imagine that?  See if you can guess which daughter did what.
 One daughter often will bring me beautiful things she finds in our yard.  Yesterday it was these autumn leaves which are just beginning to fall here in AZ. Sweet, right? 

She isn't all sweetness, however. This same daughter also loves to fill a bowl with sugar and sit in front of her favorite TV show (which may or may not be Caillou), eating her contraband with a spoon until she gets caught.  After committing this infraction for the third time in one day, she has agreed to never do this again.

I don't know if I believe her.

One daughter loves to organize.  She will purge her room and drawers and organize her stuff for hours on end.  Awesome, right?
 Her room isn't always that awesome, however.  This same daughter has been asked, begged, cajoled, enticed, bribed, and threatened to clean up the messes that have been getting progressively deeper in her room and bathroom this past week.
When Mom went to her room yesterday after the kids had left for school, the mess suddenly became more than Mom could bear.  She picked up every single thing that was on the floor, in the closet (which may or may not have included almost every article of clothing she owns--certainly not enough was left behind to wear to school today), on a chair, on a dresser, and on the bathroom counter (which may or may not have included her iPod and her makeup), filling up FOUR laundry baskets.  Mom confiscated everything and has it all in lockdown in her hobby room until further notice.  This darling daughter has to earn her stuff back--basket by basket, piece by piece--by cleaning her room (This shouldn't be hard--there isn't much left) and speaking kindly to her mother.

I wonder how long it will take her to get her stuff back.

Can you guess which darling daughter committed which grievous infraction?

I love my girls. I really do. 


  1. I, too, have darling daughters. Whom I love dearly. MOST of the time. Some of the time, I do NOT think happy or even remotely positive things about them. Unfortunately (for them and for me) those times seem to be coming faster and more often lately. I think it is their ages and stages. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass, but there are some dark and dreary days ahead, of that I am sure. I love your darling daughters too and am glad you are open in sharing your struggles honestly and so poignantly. Thanks, friend. My burden has been lifted because of you are willing to share!

  2. brennan would totally do the sugar bowl thing.

    love love love that you locked her stuff up for a messy room. awesome.

  3. now that made me smile! sorry!!:) oh I can totally guess who did what! and I can't tell you how many times I have thought of filling a basket or four myself!:)
    have a happy day jen

  4. haha

    Yep, I can guess.

    And by the way, my mom did that same clothes collection thing when I was young. It worked!


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