Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Music of the Season

Micah is playing "Angels We Have Heard on High" in Church on Sunday.  We headed over to the chapel yesterday so he could get used to the piano and playing in that huge room, and I took a video of it.  I knew that would be the only way Grandma and Grandpa and David Marcum (his piano teacher) could be there, plus it may go viral one day as his first music video! :)

(Somehow Ben's semifinal football game is attached at the end of the video and I don't know how to remove it.  Sorry.)

Micah did well until the videographer with the iPhone (that would be me) tripped on the stairs.  It's not perfect (some little mistakes and one huge glaring mistake, did you hear it, David?), but we don't have all of the amazing editing options that the Piano Guys have.  Here's their rendition--it's awesome!  Maybe someday, Mikes!

I love the music of Christmas!  Hope your holiday preparations and parties are going smoothly!


  1. You SO deserve a gifted pianist in your family and you certainly have one. Great job, Micah!

  2. WOW! (Said with mouth wide open!) I agree with Diana--gifted is right.

  3. I could cry watching and listening to this, and I don't even know your Micah. That was lovely - what a sweet gift he is about to give to everyone at the concert.

  4. Perfect. Talk about gifts...your congregation is in store for a beautiful one on Sunday!

  5. The music is one of my very favorite parts!
    And Micah is something else!!