Monday, December 23, 2013

Trying to Keep Busy Before the Big Man Arrives

I made my family hike to the Wind Caves today.  Just to annoy them.  Just to get them out of the house and away from the growing pile of presents.

Ben dried his hair out the car window on our way.
 I love looking at these mountains every day.
 In case you were wondering, Phoenix is that way.
 Evie was the most excited of all the kids to go on a hike.  She did the least complaining, and she walked most of the way--in a skirt. Now that's a girl.

 Micah and Hyrum brought the slingshots Micah made last summer with Grandpa Tucker, and they shot anything and everything--even once hitting Tucker on the head.
 I love this hike--it's steep enough to feel like a challenge, and short enough that the little ones can do it no problem.
 Tucker found a saguaro skeleton and made spears/walking sticks for himself and Hyrum.
 Lily won the crappy attitude award.  Somehow, she had missed lunch and breakfast, and she was ready to go home before we even started.

 Evie loved finding little hidey-holes all along the way.

 On the way down, Tucker regaled us with funny mission stories.  It made the descent go much faster.  We missed Karli, who was with her mom completing some last-minute errands.

 There really is nothing more beautiful than the desert in the winter--65 degrees, no wind, plenty of sunshine.  It was a glorious way to spend three hours.

 After a delicious dinner of pesto foccaccia bread (thanks for reminding us how yummy it is, Heidi!), we tried to mimic some Pinterest treats.
 We wouldn't classify them as a complete Pinterest fail, but they needed a little improvising to make them work.  The little kids lost interest quickly (including Tucker) . . . .
. . . but Karli hung in there till the bittersweet end.
Tomorrow morning we will frost the sugar cookies, deliver plates of treats and then head to the zoo for our traditional Christmas Eve distraction--watching the animals and eating kettle corn till it's time for dinner.

It's almost here!


  1. The hike is a great idea, love that! We stay busy on the 23rd celebrating Quinn's birthday. No Christmas allowed! And today we are doing puzzles and baking. No more little kids trying to get into presents over here... It changes things!

    I think we should have a Pinterest fail board... I am making one! You and Cindy both have mentioned a fail recently, I would love to know what doesn't work!

  2. in theory those pinterest things should be amazing...