Thursday, December 12, 2013

What about Bob?

 It was a busy weekend around here for Ben.

 He played in the CAA Senior Bowl game.
 It was not his favorite game of the year.  He made a couple of runs.
 Notice his cleats in these photos.  His coach required that the boys wear black cleats, so Ben wore black all season.  After their heartbreaking loss in the state finals, Ben retrieved his stuff out of the trunk of the car, and one of the black cleats was missing.  Even in his devastated mindset, Ben was quick to quip,

"Must have been taken as a memento by a fan."

Lucky fan--a stinky, smelly, dirty cleat.  Ewwww.
 But he spent most of his time on the sidelines doing this:
 He hasn't been on the sidelines much the last two years, and that was an unfamiliar experience for him. 
 He did get to play with two guys from Heritage, and I loved looking for their red socks and striped helmets when they were on the field--something just felt right about that.  The game was a bit of a letdown from his stellar season, even if his team won 28-16.
When he was announced as All-State linebacker, they had to apologize, because his plaque and accidentally been made for "Bob Denton." 

Bob?  Really?

He also had try-outs at school for the school's spring musical (a little disappointed, but happy to be part of the production).

You'd think that would be enough for one weekend, but you'd be wrong.  Add in two Winter Formal dates at two different high schools with two beautiful girls.

 Friday night was spent with Haley from Heritage.

And he dashed straight from a shower after the football game to dance with Kaitlyn from Mountain View (his hair was even still wet!).

As if these two beautiful ladies weren't enough to spice up his weekend . . . .

He was also asked to Sadie's.

 This girl had taken pictures and quotes from Studio C sketches and incorporated them with her photo.  This was Ben trying to imitate her pose in the picture as he sat on the stairs.

As if one request for his company weren't enough . . .

On Sunday night as I was cleaning the kitchen, I heard that distinctive ring/knock at the door that tells you someone is doorbell ditching you.  Before even answering the door, I called up the stairs for Ben, knowing it must be for him.

 It was.  A second invitation to Sadie's--from a girl at a different school.
Aren't these girls clever?  I can't believe they come up with such funny ways to ask to dances.

No more pads and helmets and mouth guards and cleats at our house.  It feels a little weird.


  1. Funny thing is....cleats, pads, helmets is all just starting at my house. Eric started training for rugby last week. I told him he needs to talk to Ben.

  2. Bob....what in the world. Such a great and funny memory! Yes...those girls are so creative. What a great guy he is to have so many girls wanting to spend time with him.

  3. that is the cutest crime scene one!!! definitely my favorite by far, love it. going to have to share with my cousins!!!

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