Friday, January 24, 2014

Foto Friday--Final Christmas Gift (and a Flu Update)

Micah came into my room with a sheet of paper in his hand.

"We were cleaning out our closet, and I found this. Hyrum, Evie, and I made it for you for Christmas. We were going to frame it, but we forgot."

And with that, he left the room.

I took the paper, and, with tears in my eyes, read each sentence.  I could tell the author of each line.
It's easy to get caught up in the mechanics of motherhood--all the things we do every day.  Heck, it's easy to get caught up in the fluff of motherhood--the books you're not reading to them, the chores you neglected to enforce, the corn dog dinner you "fixed" for them.

Sometimes, it's nice to see that they notice the things we do for them as we weave in and out of their days.  It's nice to see that they don't care when we fall short of the mark or that they don't take it personally when we occasionally lose our cool. 

And sometimes, we just need to read that "Mommy is the best!"  and see the exclamation point written by their own small hand.

As soon as this flu decides to loosen its grip, you can bet I'm finding a frame for this one.

Flu update:  Little boys are at school today, finally.  Evie woke up complaining of a stomachache, but she's fine.  Ben still hasn't shown any symptoms, but Lily is home today.  I think her case is pretty mild, thankfully.  Brad hasn't missed a single day of work, but he's still miserable. 

As for me (what is the term they use to pinpoint the origin of the outbreak?  My sick and weakened condition has erased the word from my memory), I think the flu is about done with me, but I now have a devilish case of bronchitis.  And as everyone knows . . .



  1. this is so so so precious.

    aint NOBODY got time for the flu, lol!!!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better! I haven't had the flu in a few years and I'm getting very skittish and superstitious about catching it. I've gotten into essential oils and I took On Guard capsules every day while I was gone. It sounds like everyone is on the mend - WHEW! Nothing worse than the flu and how it hangs on in the form of something else. Sending you hugs from afar.

  3. I just love how sweet and thoughtful your kids are. It's definitely something that is worth keeping forever :)

    And are you thinking of "patient zero"? I think that's the term for the origin of an outbreak...

    Glad to see that everyone is recovering. I'm knocking on wood that we miss the flu this year though it looks like the threat is Norovirus instead. Several schools in the area had outbreaks and one kid in E's school already had it. Hoping the immune system in our family can withstand the sickness this season!

  4. Ugh. Bronchitis is no fun.

    But this little creation is some good medicine!


  5. That is the sweetest note ever and you know, probably better they forgot to frame it at Christmas as it sounds like it was given to you at the perfect time.