Wednesday, January 8, 2014

If I'd Been Wearing Google Specs . . .

Ever wish your eyes were cameras so you could capture every single memorable moment in a day?

Yesterday began just this way.  I was on the treadmill in the basement when Evie joined me.  She set up a baby gate in front of us, pretended the rivets were buttons, and pretended she was running next to me.  She asked questions as we ran--"What number are you on, Mom?"  "Is your neck sweaty?  Mine is."  "Are you going to run even faster?"  "Are you winning?"  I wished I had my camera close, but I was running, dontcha know.

I decided that it would be a photo day--just for fun. Unremarkable in every way, except it was my day.

Evie played Angry Birds while I got ready.

We had a whole long list of errands to run--the bank, Brad's office, the camera store--but she had been waiting for our final stop--IKEA.  She's my girl, all right.
 She made pancakes and tea and waffles and dinner and played in this little display for fifteen minutes.  I wonder if people thought I was weird to photograph my kid playing in IKEA. She loved this display so much that the first thing out of her mouth when Daddy got home was, "Daddy, I love that little room SOOOOO much.  Can I have it?"

I may not have bought her an entire room, but I did spring for ice cream.  That counts for a few points, doesn't it?
 As I was driving Lily home from voice lessons, we spotted this sunset.
Why do pictures never do justice to sunsets?  It looked like this row of trees was on fire.

We had a Relief Society meeting for our ward last night where we stuffed these beautiful invitations. I can't wait to take my family through the new Gilbert temple.
In just a few days, the Gilbert temple will be open for free tours.  Anyone can attend until the building is dedicated on March 2nd.  For ticket reservations, click here.  For more information regarding LDS temples, click here, or email me with questions.  I'd be happy to answer them.

Images I wish I had captured from my day--

Lily giving me a spontaneous hug when she walked in the door after school. That never happens.

Hyrum trying to distinguish between dots and dashes as he pounded out Morse code on the dinner table.

75 degrees.  Yeah.  Sorry about that.  Kinda.  Let's talk in July, ok?  Then you can rub 115 in my face.


  1. Love those envelopes! I am embroidery handkerchiefs with the Gilbert temple on them,that my husband and I designed, for people and am loving it! If you know of anyone looking for some you can email me at My friend told me that Deseret book is selling theirs for $10. I am selling mine for $7.50 and if they want them personalized with a name it is an addition $2.

  2. Hey, I just realized that I made friends on facebook with an elder from your area. Elder Paul Johnson. Do you know him? We just met through a Christian facebook page

  3. Oh my...that ice cream photo! Love it.
    Did I ever tell you that when I was young, we went skiing in Salt Lake City. We walked through the temple there at night with millions of tiny lights on all the trees. And we listened to the choir practice. It was something I'll never forget. Beautiful!

  4. That is exciting about the temple.

    Evie is the cutest little stinker. I love all of her expressions.

    Ice cream is better than a room any day!

    Your weather makes me want to cry a little. We are getting snow even as we speak.
    My hubs surprised me with tickets yesterday and we are Phoenix-bound at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to a sunburn.

  5. my sister in law just built a home less than 5 miles away from it. i had a special hand sewn temple envelope made for her temple clothes with the gilbert temple on the front of it. so amazing.

    we can never leave ikea without the ice cream. me included. it's just so shockingly good.

    she and max are kindred.

  6. I love IKEA - love random pictures of little ones so engrossed in play - love the thought of faith communities needing to build new churches/temples/synagogues.

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  9. Sorry about the 'deletes' but the page crashed and when I went back to look there I was.........repeating and repeating!

  10. Hello my dear friend! Photo days are glorious days, so no shame. :) I love that we're sharing our word this year. I adore not feeling like a lone soldier in my endeavors. ::hugs::

  11. Hello my dear friend! Photo days are glorious days, so no shame. :) I love that we're sharing our word this year. I adore not feeling like a lone soldier in my endeavors. ::hugs::

  12. Love the way Evie attacks that ice cream! I have a feeling she will always attack life exactly that way, and that bodes well…or at least, mostly well.


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