Thursday, February 27, 2014

BBall and the Little BBoys

My little boys are growing up.
This is Micah's first year playing full court on a ten-foot hoop.
Even though Micah has his eyes closed, I wanted to remember how much taller his best buddies are than he is. All three of these boys are in fourth grade.  Maybe one day Micah will catch up.
One of the funniest things to watch this year was Micah learning about picks and screens. He would plant himself in the right spot too early, and the defender would go right around him. He finally understood it during this game.
He loves those shoes, and I can't convince him it's time for new ones.

This is Hyrum's first year playing basketball.
Eight-foot hoops.  Smaller court.  Slick concrete floor (picture an ice skating rink).
Few rules: Don't steal the ball.  Don't push.  That's about it. Lots of double dribbling, traveling, fouling, and especially lots of hogging the ball.  They've learned that their teammates can't catch a pass, so if they try to pass the ball, the other team has a turn.  Hyrum is a notorious ball hog.  But he's learning.
Gotta love the old school Chuck Taylors on a concrete court. Lately he's been refusing to wear socks with them. And they smell like it.

I have mixed emotions about how young kids start organized sports nowadays, but I do love to watch them having fun and learning new skills.
And I'm also glad that the season is over this weekend.  Is that wrong of me?


  1. I so agree about how young organized sports now, yet I feel like you need to start them or they will always feel behind. Alex did basketball this year, she too had the smaller courts and short hoop. The beginning of the season she could barely dribble, by the end she was getting rebounds, dribbling down the floor and scoring a basket, so fun to watch how much she improved.